As you secure our expert services in renovations both interior/exterior of your residential or commercial property, please keep in mind 4 suggestions. During the renovation process needing any electrical work, we use the services of our reliable electrical contractor Essential Power,


  1. Make sure not to go overboard on the lights

When working on your electrical installation, remember not to overdo the lights. Don’t place lights randomly in the house but follow a plan on how and where lights are needed, as well as the intensity of lights – such as yellow or white. Make sure the lights suit the interior of your room and do not make it look either too bright or too dim. For example, if you have a study room, you should opt for bright lights and consider dim or yellow lights for a games room.

  1. Do not use old fashioned lights

Remember that light plays a very important role in enhancing the look of your house. If you use old-fashioned or outdated lights that do not go along with the design of your house, then you’ll find they displease you quickly. If you’re not sure what lights you should choose, then make some inquiries from stores or from people who have renovated recently. Look at the multiple shapes, sizes, and lighting options available, and pick whatever suits your house the best. You’ll be surprised to know that there is a huge variety you can choose from for unique and contemporary lighting.

  1. Install electric sockets according to your use

When employing an expert for an electrical installation, you will get the chance to customize your electric installments. You can plan the electrical installation according to your use in different rooms, such as multiple sockets in a study room where the computer is placed. Discuss any confusion that you might have with the electrician and show them places around the house where you plan to place the electric sockets, telephone, and cable lines. If there is someone at your house who must use a wheelchair, make sure you place the switches so they can be easily reached.

  1. Purchase good quality plugs

We’re sure you must have at least once in your life faced plugs falling out of the socket once you plug them in and get back to work. If you’re frustrated, we suggest that you get new and durable outlets installed when getting electrical installations or maintenance done, so that the outlet can grip the plug tightly and prevent it from dislodging. It is crucial to get the outlets fixed at once because if this problem persists, the sparks could become a fire hazard.

When looking for experienced professionals to make things easy for you and guide you along the way during your lighting and electrical installations, you can always rely on DDIY to help you along the way of your renovation projects.

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